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Zip/Post Code:1062
Tel: 886SEPLINE6SE102
Fax: 886SEPL23076483
Contact Person:Hsieh Shiu Nii
Job Title:Asst. General Manager
Country/Region: Taiwan
Address: Taipei,Taiwan
Zip/Post Code: 1062
Tel: 886SEPLINE6SE102
Fax: 886SEPL23076483
E-mail: grant82288@ttnet.net
Contact Person: Hsieh Shiu Nii
Job Title: Asst. General Manager

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OEM Capital
Assets mainly come from Japanese, European, and American industries, with about 50 million dollars OEM capital.

Standardization Certification
ISO9002 agrade mens and womens clothing

Producing Experience
Branches in Taiwan: Touyuan, HsinChu, Miaoli, Taichun, Phonyuan, Chenghua, Nandou, Chiayi, Tainan, and Kaohsiung, with 15-30 experiences in manufacturing, OEM, and ODM. Factories in China: Dongguan, Shaighi, Hunchu, Yiwu, Shamen, Chungshan, Shunchen, with 7 years experiences in maufacturing, OEM, ODM.

OEM Machine/Equipment
Germany ASBL 2266 X 30 France LILICOCO X 20

Raw Material/Components
Group uniform, uniform fabric, cotton, high class woolens, fashion accessory

Production Line Quantity
10000 piece/day

Monthly Producing Amount
300000 pieces/month

Monthly Productivity
300000 pieces/month, 9 million dollars mothly turnover

Factory Size
5000Square Meter,7000Square Feet

Staff Characteristic
College Textile and Business Trading Departments who have experiences of 8-10 years, good command in leading, and great professions. General employees spread all over south eastern provinces, who have more than 3 years textile and designing professions, characters of hard working to meet customers' needs.

Provide Services of Designing

Provide Details of Designing Services
1.With the concepts in clothing design, we create unique image for industries and groups. 2.Value the producing techniques, emphasize on customers' comforts and functional requirments.

Main Service Markets
Africa,Europe,Asia,Middle East,North America,Oceania,Middle and South America

Main Market Service
Receive Japan, Europe,and American's high class brand export, OEM processing, and corporate export. We offer the latest techniqiues , best quality control, and most reasonable price to meet customers' demands and also welcome corporate export, OEM, and ODM.

Provides Trademarks for Customers

Provides Trademark Details for Customers
Provide buyers with trademarks, for building brand logo to promote products worldwide. We offer discount by discussed contract details if buyers agree to use Shiunii as the brand.

Main OEM Customers
Clothing agents, importers, wholesalers, buyers, distributors, chain stores.

Minimum Order Amount

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